Sunday, July 1, 2007

Burnt Out

Last summerish I started doing music for a project with director David Aller, called Burnt Out. The film is about a guy (Ben Gourley) who works at a advertisement firm, and can't think of any good ideas, until one day when he discovers that if he burns himself, great ideas come easily to him.

listen to Good Idea
The film is in the festival stage of its life right now and I can therefor put no video clips up of my favorite bits. But David sent me these great stills that will go along nicely with the music I chose.

listen to One Great Deed
Doing the music for this film (which I ended up doing twice) was great, because I got to be very dark, which is my specialty I think. And it ended up being some of my best work. I started off doing the film very organically, hardly using any sampled instruments. I had pretty much completed the film when David came into the studio and told me it was all wrong. I wasn't very bothered by that. It's a short film. He said he wanted the music to go more in the direction of Fight Club, the Dust Brothers. So I did, and it turned out very good. This time pretty much everything is sampled.
Yes that is John Heder in the board meeting with his brother... Sean, I think.

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