Sunday, May 18, 2008

I apologize to anyone who cares enough about my blog to wonder why I haven't posted for the last two weeks. The New York trip threw me off my rhythm. But I'm back now, and promise to be more astute about blogging.

In this post I will share some of the goings on of the trip to NY, and the One Show award ceremony.

The flight there was about five hours, but it felt short thanks to the talkative woman seated next to me. She was heading to Italy from Lake Tahoe, which is very close to where I'm from. Giving us lots to talk about.

The taxi ride from JFK to Manhattan cost sixty dollars, and the cab driver explained to us (myself and Cole) how the Jews are going to rig the election so that John McCain will win. Welcome to New York. Later that night while at dinner at the Shake Shack, Cole and I retold the story of the anti Semite cab driver to our table of friends, who thought it a hilarious anecdote until we noticed the rest of the park fall silent. It may have been just our imaginations. Maybe everyone ran out of conversation at the same time, but we did feel sheepish. Until we realized how funny it was.

Anyway, we made it back to our hotel with our skin intact, and had a great time watching late night TV, and trying to decide which of us, me, Cole ,or Jeremy Ames, were going to share a bed (me and Cole).

Tuesday, the next morning, while Cole went to an interview at some big studio, Jeremy and I went to the MoMa, which was closed. So we went next door the the American Folk Art Museum and took a tour of the Asa Ames exhibit, which was incredible. And some other amazing stuff too. We think Jeremy may be related to Asa, but who knows?

That night was the award ceremony. Earlier we had got to talking, and realized that none of us knew for sure that we were getting an award, which made it all the more fun when we actually did.

Here is Jeremy, Cole, and me, looking at exhibits from some hopefuls.

Playing our video during the ceremony.

Hailing a cab with our Pencil Award.

These weren't displays, they were just the wall outside the Museum where the award show was held.
Close up of the Pencil Award.

Wednesday morning I went to Bryant Park where my cousin Jaron bought me lunch , a first in what was to be a long generous line of buying me food, and gave me directions to his apartment in the East Village. He let me stay there for the rest of the week. He is a very fun and funny person.

Any way the rest of the week we did a lot of walking and subway riding. I went to a Doctor Dog show with Jaron, then he took me to the sandwich shop from When Harry Met Sally, we also killed three mice in his apartment (they were eating the chocolate in my One Show gift bag) he hasn't found any since. Good times.

Cole went to a lot more studios, and got some great advice from a few of them. I got all my demos passed out to different media peoples. Cole and I finally got to the MoMa, I got a souvenir for Nigel. So all in all it was a fun and successful trip. We even made our flight on time (which we did not do on our flight to NY) thanks to our devil may care taxi driver. Who only blatantly broke the law about a dozen times and nearly killed us only half that. It was worth it.

Thanks to everyone who hung out with us. Thanks to Jaron for putting me up. Thanks to Jeremy for taking me museuming. And a huge thanks to Linda Sullivan for making it all happen! You rule.


Nigel said...

Exciting. I'll have to drop by and get more details. Our little Micah is (sniffing and wiping of tears) almost famous. The Jews aren't going to rig the elections, Bush is going to declare a state of emergency and cancel them.

Lois said...

How fun to read about your trip to New York and your award! You're awesome.

Oh, ignore Nigel (my Nigel, not your Nigel). He's even brainwashed our kids with his conspiracy theories. This was the latest conversation at our house:

Nigel: Guess who's trying to poison us?
Our Child: The government?