Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some Sound Advice

Never show your work off at the and of the work day. When you feel good about what you've done LEAVE! Show it off in the morning before you start. Your work is rarely as good as you think at the end of a tiring day. If you show it to someone they'll, if they're respectable, give you honest constructive feedback about how it sucks, and then you'll go home feeling like you've accomplished nothing. That makes you feel like a looser. Which makes you lash out at people bigger than you in the Wendy's line because they can't make up their mind. Which makes you get beaten up. Which makes you feel like a looser again. Its a vicious cycle.


Nigel said...

What's a "looser"? Do you lurk under tables and untie peoples' shoelaces? Do you release monkeys from animal testing labs? Do you yank out the baby teeth of unsuspecting children?

Where's the "Fetty Prish" song? I wanted some friends to hear it...

Muse Music & Cafe said...

Hahaha! I did actually laugh out loud. True true.