Monday, September 22, 2008

Adventures in Music for Motion Picture

In this line of work your life style is either comfortable, or pauper-ish depending whether you have many jobs and much money or a few jobs and no money. This is commonly referred to as Feast and Famine. During one of my many famines my wife Camille and I had this conversation- which I am not making up. " Micah, until we have cash we can SHARE a toothbrush ". This was in response to my suggesting we use the credit card (which we were using to buy gas with that night instead of Nigel's birthday money) to replace my toothbrush when all the bristles fell out in my mouth. Which is very anticlimactic as far as brushing your teeth goes. You're hoping to get this wonderful clean feeling but instead your pulling little plastic hairs out of your mouth all day. Any way, good times.


cole said...


Phil said...
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Lois said...

Camille is totally awesome.

That happens to me quite often -- except the loose bristles usually get my gag reflex going something fierce.

BTW -- feel free to come by and get an extra toothbrush from us. We have tons with our food storage.

CEDRIC & SARAH said...

we have a toothbrush if you want it... love ya dude.