Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Documentary

First off I should talk about what the doc is. Once upon a time Jacob Hoehne was so fed up with all the urban legends circulating around his Utah home, he decided to learn for himself once and for all weather or not they were true or contrived. So he collected his favorites stories, both LDS urban legends such as "Was Yoda patterned after President Kimbal?", and Utah's own Urban legends such as "Are there whales in the Great Salt lake?", then Report his findings in a documentary. So he assembled a crew of flat feet-ed sleuths, and competent film makers, and got to work. Two years later we're wrapping it up and preparing it for it's debut. Which will be this October 4th, on the TV (I don't remember which network is showing it, I'll put that up later) after the Saturday afternoon LDS General Conference session. So tune in , and prepare to have your minds blown!

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Jacob said...

Micah that rocks! I would love to see that! Sadly I am not willing to relocate to Utah to watch, but that sounds very interesting and hope there's a dvd version.

All the things you do... I tell myself, at least I have an office with a window and a view of another converted set of crappy WWII era barracks with asbestos in the outside paint (keeps me from sticking my head out the window to long trying to catch the breeze).