Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Laie House

Here's a fun little piece I did for a production group called Enlisted. I wrote it while on O'ahu at the Laie house during the Film is Not Dead workshop. I think I have some pics of me doing it actually.

Here's one Camille took.

Here's an overhead shot from my phone for good measure.

And here's one of me and my buddy Grant with Terry O'Quinn, the actor who plays John Locke on the popular TV show Lost. We met him at a surf competition at Sunset Beach. He's a very nice guy, and he didn't kill anyone.
This wonderful picture was taken by Brion Hopkins.


grant olsen said...

He hasn't killed either of us...yet.

Dan said...

So awesome... I'm really jealous of the whole "Hawaii" thing. I love the music. Are you using Reason for all your music?

Micah said...

Hey Dan! Yes. I used Reason 4 to compose that. Could you tell from the pics?

Dan said...

no you talked about reason in another post. Next year I have some money budgeted for some music software... I'm trying to decide between reason and Logic

Cedric Anderson said...

DUDE! I didn't believe you when you told me, but this picture of you with Locke is proof enough. Color me green with envy.

JordoBaggins said...

This looks like you photoshopped© yourselves in!
Just kidding. Nice celeb pic