Thursday, December 18, 2008

The eCard

My cousin Devon is a contender for the worlds greatest prankster. Tonight he sent me this seemingly harmless e-card that plays Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairies as it politely asks you to click on certain items in the picture that bring holiday cheer. "Click on the lamp post" it would say, "Click on the RED present... come on". As I clicked on each Item I braced myself for the inevitable screaming picture of the girl from The Exorcist to pop out, or Santa to come around the corner and moon me. But nothing happened! It was actually harmless.

I confess I was disappointed. Is Devon going soft on me? Or is he even more diabolical? Maybe he's been setting me up my whole life for the freak me out with nothing prank. Probably.

By the way, today's new song of the day is Dance of The Sugar Plum Fairies.


Cedric Anderson said...

Devon... he's such a wuss.

Cedric Anderson said...

I noticed you are a follower for the happy hobo blog. How do I become one of those for your site?