Thursday, December 11, 2008

Motorcrash, A Proper Motorcrash

I can't believe no one commented on yesterday's song of the day. That is one of the most beautiful songs ever. I totally learned it to play for my wedding band, and got to perform it twice at the Utah State Hospital-Psychiatric Christmas Dinner. Once for the Forensics dinner, which was a bit scary (those are the murderers and rapists), and then at the administration building. My good buddy Joe LeBaron works there, and asked if I'd play some of there favorites. He is one of the coolest guys this world has to offer.

Another thing about yesterday's post is how old that guy is. He said he was twenty two "or what ever", but he seems much older to me, maybe it's the beard, but my actual theory is that he has a very old soul, maybe thirty or forty lives under his belt.

Finlay lets talk about today's post. I grew up with the Sugar Cubes, though we never actually bought this album. You may recognize this cute little number as Bjork in the musical act Bjork. If you think she looks different in this video, you should see my all time favorite Sugar Cubes song on you tube. And yeah, I know, they're much better to just listen to.

OK, last thing. I have been using You tube a lot lately to do my posts, not because I do a lot of you tube surfing. I don't. But most of my songs for the day are up there in video form, which is great because I don't have to host mp3s. I'm running out of space on my website, where I host the song of the day songs. So I'm working on getting more space, since I hear from some of you that you don't like waiting so long for the video to load, or some of your connections flat won't play you tube stuff. Hopefully soon. Of course that will mean you have to actually leave reader and go to the blog to listen. You tell me.


Anonymous said...

If you found a way to host the mp3s elsewhere, and if that elsewhere allowed you to embed the html for their music player you might be able to solve the "won't show up in Reader" situation. That is why YouTube clips work...that and Google owns both companies. I don't use Blogspot and/or Reader, so I don't really know what the interface is like, but that's my best guess.

Micah said...

By "their music player" do you mean Google's? Do they have one? I thought i was useing theirs and it worked on reader for about a week. Then it stopped. I thought they didn't really have one.