Saturday, June 13, 2009

Inside Sales

Early one morning as I was jumping into the Micah Mobile (my scooter) to head off to the studio, I got a call from Cole Nielsen asking if I could join him and Joseph LeBaron at the Inside Sales building on the Novell campus in south Provo. You see, Glenn Beck was coming to town to speak at a fancy dinner type thingy, you probably saw the billboard if you frequent the i15, and Mitt Romney was going to introduce him via satellite. What does that have to do with anything you axe? Apparently Inside Sales, where Cole is Master and Commander of all things design, had the opportunity to place in front of Mitt, what
we recently found out was called a bumper, but
at the time could only think to call it a Snarf Blatt, for lack of a real definition, and a loss of how to find the real definition. I mean, what is Google supposed to come up with when you type... "you know that thingy that production companies and studios put at the beginning of movies, and stuff... like the FOX, and MGM lion... thingy!" into the search field? I finally found it a few days later, and promptly texted it to everyone involved at about two in the morning.

Digressions aside, I arrived at the Novell Campus, and was briefed on the assignment. Glenn Beck was coming the next day, and we had this one working Friday to come up with something super badical (not my words). To make a long, hilarious and other wise interesting story short, we did it. And Cole put it on You Tube. Check it out.

Design= Cole Nielsen
Concept= Joe LeBaron
After Effects Animation= Ashley Mackay
Music= me

Here is me, getting ready to record the typing you hear, with six different kinds of keyboards.


Dan said...

my compliments to the chef. nice.

Cedric Anderson said...

This makes me want to buy something... inside.