Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Beehive Stories Screening

A screening for the Beehive Stories TV series was held last Thursday in the Harold b. Lee Library on BYU Campus.

In this post I have imbedded clips on the Zion's National Park film, and some pics of Brad barber (film maker), Campbell Christiansen (film maker), and myself (music) answering questions about the films we worked on. So you can see how adorable we are.




travis pitcher said...

Sweet! I am sad that I wasn't able to come. It turned out AMAZING!

Suelo said...

Micah -
I was impressed with the music in "Zero Currency" and its offshoot (the "Grand County" episode in "Beehive Stories"). It took me this long to look you up to thank you. I'm now equally happy to hear some of your other stuff. Brad knew what he was doing in choosing you. You perfectly embellished my monolog, thank you!

Daniel Shellabarger (aka Suelo, aka Zero Currency Man)