Sunday, January 27, 2008

Blind Faith

Blind Faith is about a Newly-ish-wed man named Kerry, and who we think is a blind guy, named Isaac. Kerry doesn't believe Isaac is blind. He sets out to prove he's not, and hilarity ensues. Garrett Batty Directs.
Doing the music for this was fun, despite the stressfully short deadline, especially that I got the chance to go very orchestral. Though I think to get it into festival they had to trim the time down a lot. This turned out bad for me in that the music doesn't work for me with some scenes like it had before since I composed to action that is no longer there (they cut after the music was done). But time was short, and I understand making hard decisions in a crunch. All in all it turned out good, and my mother told me she really liked it so that's that!

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