Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bonjour Danny Bonjour

Bonjour Danny Bonjour is one of my favorite movies I've worked on. It won yet another award last weekend, its fourth I think, this time it won Audience Choice at the lds Film Festival in Orem Utah. Brett, the director, came out to Utah to present it and sell a few copies at the festival. We got to hang out for a bit afterward. What a cool guy he is. It was a lot of fun at the festival. JR, who plays Danny in the film, was selling DVDs of Bonjour like a 19th Century snake oil show. And with success!
Very funny.
The sound is a bit messed up on these, I've tried many different things, but now it seems that you tube keeps showing the original up load instead of the new attempts. I'll put better versions of everything up once I figure it out.

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