Sunday, July 19, 2009

Instead of Working

I get to up and leave town whenever I like with this job, as long as I can work where I'm from. My parents house is bigger these days so I can usually find a room quiet enough, and far away enough from the rest of the goings on that I can record a guitar or some other live instrument if I need to. Sometimes I can get away with just using a midi program like Reason or EWQLSO to create a piece, or at least a descent mock up, and then have the live version done later. On this morning I started out building a work space solution for my midi controller, and lap top. it ended up looking like this.
Very nice...
...and very sturdy.

But just as I was ready to resign myself to a wonderful day of sitting inside digitaly encoding music for a TV show, and sighing at the sunlight shining through the windows. My Parents found a project for my brother (Cedric who was in town for the family reunion, as was I) and myself to help out with. So in the next few hours my parents, my brother, my wife and I built one of those swing/slide/climb play houses for the grand kids. It looked good after we finished, but it needed one last thing. So I spent the rest of the day making a pirate flag for it.

My Mom sewing on the skull and crossbones I cut from some old fabric.

My dad helping with the flag pole. He 's great to collaborate with. He also helped with the computer stand.

The flag.

Mom.The whole thing.


cole said...

wwwwwwwhat?! you built that in ONE DAY? you family, man. incredible.

Micah said...

Thanks Cole

grant olsen said...

Yeah, that's awesome! I love the pic of your mom making the flag.

Ruth and Jordan said...

That is definitely a very good excuse to put off work. I especially love the "whole thing" picture. It's quite ominous and...shiver mi timbers.